And The Rest



Teaching is a vocation, especially if it's well paid and you can fit in lots of foreign travel and Camille manages to fit in an awful lot of trips. Making an initial visit to Cow Island to catch the Rope Museum they've been turning up ever since in a variety of guises, perhaps most notably when the Cows rescued them after they'd been kidnapped by Flossie and his Pirate Sheep. Camille takes her job very seriously and likes to give her little students as wide an educational experience as possible. Clothes shops, hat shops, posh restaurants, good hotels, there's nowhere she wouldn't consider taking them. Hailing from somewhere that seems to be remarkably like France she has a romantic streak that finds it outlet in her very own Capitaine Bile. In her eyes he's a hero ripped from the pages of cheap novel. As for her students, they're small, they're cute and they don't eat much, but she still puts down for adult meals on the expenses form.





Why are there sooooooooooooo many Penguins in Cow Island? Annie is clearly bonkers about them and will engineer almost any situation to bring about even a fleeting contact. And from my point of view...they're easy to draw, so you'll be seeing plenty of them in the future!





Every herd of Cows needs a ship and our heroes have two. The Pickled Heifer is a thing of beauty...when it's afloat, which isn't often. It's sunk more times than anyone cares to remember but doesn't seem to stop it. As with all other aspects of Cow Island life Captain Bill is only nominally in charge.







A lesser vessel but still a valuable addition to the fleet. It came into being after Cyril sold the Pickled Heifer to cover a bar bill. A bit of a squeeze when all are aboard, as is often the case.


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