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And In The End

'And lobsters prefer steel toe capped boots,' Annie explained, 'but woe betide you if you offer them anything with a kitten heel.'

Annie waited for Captain Eyepatch's head to say something but it didn't so she did an extremely pretty dance around him and then yawned.

'Tired now!' she mooed.

'I sincerely hope you're not!' Cyril said. 'It's almost semi mid morning not quite lunch yet snack time!'

'Oh goodie!' Annie yawned. 'What are we having?'

'It's mostly advanced legal fee on toast,' Cyril replied. 'But the toast is on trifle which is on cake which is on pancakes. I thought we'd keep it light and save ourselves for a proper late morning almost lunchtime feast.'

'I shall be guided by your culinary wisdom,' Annie said. 'Are there any choccie biccies left?' 

And Cyril said there were.

'Can we stay on the beach for weeks and weeks and weeks?' Annie asked.

And Cyril said they could stay for even longer than that if they wanted and he lent over and kissed Annie on the nose.

'Tickles!' Annie mooed.

And it did.....but it was the nicest kind of tickle that Annie could possibly imagine.

(And there we must leave them for a while.....Many thanks to everyone who has popped by for a read. Until we meet again...kind things and ice creams to you all!)