The Boys


Brave, decisive, courageous, competent...these are all things that the rest of the herd wish Captain Bill could be. He's not! He might think he is but other heads (we're talking mainly about Bertha here) know that he isn't. Never entirely sure of his port from his starboliarboliboard he muddles through life. Undoubtedly the main weapon at his disposal is to blame others and then hide. He uses it a lot. He also runs the Cow Island Rope Museum, has no control over any of his crew and once fought a duel using a still quite pointy lipstick. He also owns  a natty knitted compass and if left to his own devices would always sail Not North.





Poet; that says it all. Thoughtful, introspective, quiet...OK, he's depressed but he's a poet and it's all a part of the job. Often to be found walking along cliff tops in the rain, pencil and soggy paper in hoof, he tries to catch the words that blow upon the winds. Madly in love with Norma but unable to bring himself to tell her, she is his muse, his long, long suffering muse. Never published he has been submitting the same poem to the same publisher for years. His answer to everything is simple, write a poem about it. If anyone has a spare purple cape and silver topped cane? He'd wear them and feel ever so slightly happier about life...well possibly not but it'd be worth giving it a go.



You love him! really you do, everybody loves Cyril, even Cyril! How to describe him...and not prejudice any of his forthcoming court cases? He once sold the Pickled Heifer to cover a bar bill and if you leave food laying around it'll be your own fault when it's gone. A nod, a wink, a smile, several bottles of bubbles and a bucketful of smiles, that's Cyril. You'd never have a dull moment. You won't see him that often and when you do don't ask where he got those flowers from but when it's all gone pear shaped and it's two in the morning and you don't know where to turn, there'll be a knock at the door and he'll be there and he'll give you a hug and you'll know then that everything is going to be alright. That's Cyril!

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