Of Royalty



She's Queen and she knows it and if you're not happy about it then it's dungeon time for you. Not so much a steel hand in a velvet glove more a steel hand in a steel glove. She's married to King Otto and despite the passage of many years she's still very much in love with him. Fiercely proud of everything he does she'll stand no criticism of him so don't you go giving him any. Occasionally troubled by the fact that the Cows don't seem to have a Royal personage to rule over them (life would be soooo much better for them if they did) and deeply obsessed by how she and her hubby are portrayed by the press. Always well turned out but then someone with many servants doesn't many excuses for not being.




Just what does he actually look like? King of all he surveys he does still seem to be ever so slightly henpecked..surely not?













Clearly not actually Royal in any way but a constant member of the household. As Annie will happily point out to you, Norman in an elephant! As Norman will happily point out to you, 'there is more to an elephant than just a trunk you know!' Employed over time by Queen Phoebe in a variety of menial jobs which always involve him having to use his trunk. Annie loves him.

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