The Girls


Norma's nice. There's nothing wrong with nice. It's not boring. Norma's nice. Actually what Norma does more than anything else is think of others. If anyone in the herd goes out of their way to hold things together and keep everyone happy it's Norma. Nobody does more than Norma; she's nice. Nice and kind and thoughtful and caring. Until there's a party! It has to be said she does like a drink...or several. But everyone has the right to have fun and we shouldn't begrudge Norma her chance. Over the years she's put up with a lot and still manages to come through it all with a smile and a pretty hat or two. She gets on with everybody despite, at times, some obvious frustrations. Horace likes her and she knows it but it's not for a lady to make the first move, well not in Norma's book anyway. So she'll always be there doing her best. Norma's nice.




Direct; that's a good word for Bertha. Diplomacy has never been her strong point. She does NOT suffer fools gladly, so she doesn't suffer Captain Bill at all. Nor does she have a lot of time for Horace...or Cyril. It's just that's there's a right way to do things and having worked out what that right way is (and that WILL be Bertha's way) you should just GET ON WITH IT! Bertha can be a bit shouty. But she does have her softer side. She likes to get creative and works hard at her sculpture although that may be because it lets her knock massive pieces of stone about. She's also 2nd in command of the Pickled Heifer, runs the Cow Island library and like Norma she has a weakness for hats. Busy girl our Bertha.




Where to begin???? Complex? Mad? Bizarre? Bored genius? Multi-legged, penguin obsessed nutter? Truth be told not even I know! Really I don't! Over the years she's taught shrimps to knit, foiled Pirate Sheep attacks, spent an awful lot of time on a Helter Skelter, fallen off the Pickled Heifer more times than anyone cares to remember and has counted her legs and arrived at totals which you wouldn't even guess at. She is obsessed with pengimings and elephants. She also has wonky horns, talks to furniture and once disguised herself as an armchair...and I've not even scratched the surface. I love all the Cows...but I do so love Annie!





A Cartoon Cow she isn't but she's most definitely one of the girls. Author, Penguin of the Year and all round best chum to just about everyone.  A Penguin of the highest order and such style!

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