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Big fat creative head - introductions

There are six cartoon cows living in my head... They have been there for a few years now. They are me... I am them.

The problem with being a creative person is that you tend to need to be on your own. I paint... I draw cartoons... I write... and the result is that I don't spend a lot of time with real people.

So the Cows keep me sane... sort of.

And they are always there.
This afternoon, I took a stroll down the towpath of the river and they came with me. Annie just ran around a lot, climbing trees and falling in the water. Norma, Bertha and Horace had a nice quiet walk; Horace may get a poem out of it later. Captain Bill shouted advice to some of the tourists in their pleasure boats and as for Cyril... I think I saw him selling something to a narrow boat owner. I don't like to ask too many questions of Cyril; what I don't know can't be used against me.

So there they are, my
alter egos.