Friday, 22 May 2009

Back on deck at last

'Hopeless! Absolutely hopeless!' moaned Captain Bill.

'Now that just isn't fair!' replied Bertha 'it was hats after all.'

'But why can't we just go somewhere for once without it ending in chaos?' continued Captain Bill.

'Well it wasn't really our fault,' replied Bertha 'if the assistant had let go when I was shouting at her to do so then Norma would never have stampeded.'

Norma looked rather embarrassed.

'And what about them?' said Captain Bill, pointing at Annie, Horace and Geraldine.

'Don't pick on us!' mooed Annie 'it got stuck in gear.'

'You were supposed to be keeping an eye on her!' said Captain Bill.

'Well we did eventually,' called out Norma.

'Only because they turned up in the hat department on the back of a sit on lawn mower!' replied Captain Bill.

'We never went anywhere near the hull.' said Annie.

But Captain Bill ignored her.

'Oh well!' he said eventually, 'once again we get seen off the premises. Right, let's just get it all packed up and onto the ship and then we can just disappear off into the sunset - although it'll probably be raining by then knowing our luck!'

'Excellent idea,' said Bertha.

'Which just raises one question,' said Norma 'where exactly is the Pickled Heifer?'


Chris Stone said...

Very cute!

Cindy and Mindy said...

Love it! Hearted your shop a while back, but didn't even think about you having a blog. I have A LOT to read!