Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Competition time

Morning all, Bertha reporting!

Just let me quickly say that there's nothing to report concerning our general position. I've spotted an occasional sail on the horizon and everyone is getting a nice tan.

Now the point has been made that our new boat does not yet have a name. So I've had a word with Norma and we think that it would be a good idea to throw it open to you, our readers. Little Geraldine (who's proving to be surprisingly helpful) has made a sign, so why not have a go and 'name our boat'. Just send your suggestions to us and we'll pick a winner when we're ready. There may be a prize... but I wouldn't want any of you running out and buying expensive works of art on the prospect of new found riches.

Well that's all from me, have a good day and do remember to sit up straight.

Thank you,



maisy said...

hmm, have only ever named my cats before - no boats - do i need to go ona course? will there be champagne? ribbons? big scissors?

how about... "in a pickle"

Chown Town said...

Ok, just a couple off the top of my head.

The Sea Dairy

SS Great Chicken

maisy said...

Cyril's Folly?

The Admiral's Pizza?

Our Other Ship is the Pickled Heifer??

Let Them Eat Cake?!

ok, i'll stop now...

feltmeup designs said...

how about the "mighty moo"?

or the "mootilus" (like the nautilus? get it? hmm.. maybe not!)

Bigbluebed said...

Hooves R Us? Not that is a shop.

Bigbluebed said...

The Hornless

Bellissima said...

Love the entries! We've had 2 boats - one was the 'Tiki', the other (and more appropos) was 'Full House'! I'd love to see something with 'Udder' in the name - 'S.S. Udder', 'Udderly Unsinkable', 'OneanUdder'!
Best of Luck!