Thursday, 21 May 2009

Cyril's Bill

'Are you serious?!' exclaimed Captain Bill. 'That much?! For a pizza?!'

The manager picked up the bill and stared at it.

'Indeed Sir,' he replied 'the Admiral Cyril 3 yard special is a very fine pizza.'

'But how can you make a pizza that wide in the first place?' asked Captain Bill.

'Actually Sir,' said the manager, 'the size refers to the height.'

'You can't have too many toppings,' chipped in Cyril.

Captain Bill, Cyril and the manager of the Captain's cocktail lounge were perusing a very large number of bills.

'They go back years!' said Captain Bill.

'Admiral Cyril has been a very good customer,' replied the manager.

'Well the day of reckoning has arrived,' said Captain Bill 'he wants to pay.'

The manager looked at Cyril, Cyril shrugged, the manager brought forth a sheef of papers and then...

...a rather hushed conversation ensued, which, no matter how hard he tried, Captain Bill could not overhear.

Finally the manager took from his jacket a fine fountain pen and offered it to Cyril.

Cyril ate it.

'I'll get another,' said the manager.

'Sorry,' said Cyril, 'force of habit!'

The manager got a second pen and Cyril signed.

'HA!' said Captain Bill, 'at last!'

And Cyril just looked at him.

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Anonymous said...

now i don't wish to malign cyril's good name and character in any way but... did he use his own signature???