Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A few problems with the shop assistants

Morning all, Bertha here, just taking a moment out to let you know that the good news is Norma and I are almost finished. Of course it's not been easy, this is hats after all! But we've been through most of them and have narrowed things down quite a bit.

Now I'm not one to complain but I have to say that the attitude of the staff has left a little to be desired this time around. There are a lot of signs around here that clearly say that the staff are here to help. But 3 days later and what do you find? To me it's obvious that there's no way you can make an initial selection until you've tried on ALL the hats and left them out so that you can compare them and arrange them into some sort of order of wantedness. Do the staff understand this?


As you might have guessed I tend to lose my temper a bit, so thank heavens for Norma that's all I can say. Her ability to stay calm and diplomatic really comes into it's own at times like these.

Right, last 70 hats to go, wish me luck!


1 comment:

maisy said...

haha! love the tussle in the background with norma clinging on to the beret!!