Thursday, 7 May 2009

Finding the right direction

'NO!' said Captain Bill.

'But it wouldn't take long,' replied Norma, 'only a couple of hours.'

'We've already sorted out our top 100,' added Bertha and she waved the 'Summer Hats' catalogue at Captain Bill.

'No, no, no, no, no!' said Captain Bill, '!'

'Oh why not?' asked Norma.

'WHY!' mooed Captain Bill. 'Well let's see, on previous visits Horace destroyed the poetry department, Cyril and Annie got chased through the china department, you two...'

'We know what happened to us,' interrupted Bertha, ' we were there.'

'And,' continued Captain Bill 'to round it all off, last time we went shopping at Sneeegle and Fitch, someone and I think we all know who, went berserk with a chain saw and sank the entire store!'

'You're only picking on me because I've got wonky horns!' called out Annie from her hammock.

Captain Bill ignored her.

'Well I'm sure that they've got it afloat again, said Bertha 'otherwise they wouldn't have sent the catalogue,' and she gave it another little wave.

'Well were still not going,' said Captain Bill ' and anyway what you're forgetting is that you're too late, since Sunday we've been going 'Not North' which means that by the end of the day we shall be home. That's the course I set us on and that's the course that Norma has been steering.'

And Norma looked horribly, horribly guilty.

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maisy said...

we seriously need to get those girls a laptop so they can shop for hats online... presumably wireless broadband would work on a ship??