Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Happy in my world

Hello all, Bertha here. Now I know what you're thinking and I am still keeping an eye out for Pirates and there are a couple of ships off to starboard. But when the new edition of 'Summer Hats' has just been flown in by special carrier gull... I think I can manage a little multi-tasking!

It won't take long to get through anyway. Just 500 pages of new and exciting, never been seen before hats; plus hat patterns and a pull out jewelry section (passed that on to Norma - we'll swap back later on).

Ooh! That's a nice one, all ribbon and snackable flowers... sorry, hang on, I'll just turn the corner over to mark the page. That's better!

Right well I'd better get through this and then have 4th breakfast.

Take care, safe sailing, do give me a call if you spot any Pirates.


1 comment:

maisy said...

haha, a girl after my own heart! every girl understands the need to prioritise a new catalogue - and turning the corners down on fave items is an absolute *essential*. keep up the good work!!