Saturday, 16 May 2009

Here we are at the Hats

Hello, Norma here, it seems like simply ages since I did one of my little Saturday roundups. I think it's nice to just have a quiet chat between ourselves once in a while.

Well Annie and Horace... and Geraldine have gone off to do their bit of shopping. I do hope Annie can be sensible about what to buy. I have to say that Geraldine seems to be a very well adjusted little penguin.

As for Cyril and Captain Bill, I'm hoping that, if they just give each other a chance, they'll get along just fine. Often misunderstandings happen because people don't get to know each other. I'm sure they'll both do their very best to make the effort.

That just leaves me and Bertha. As you can see we've arrived at the Hat Department. Bertha has already gone rushing straight in. As you know I'm a much calmer person... but to be honest, once I've finished writing this... I'm not going to be held responsible for my actions... after all, it's Hats!

Do have nice weekends... and treat yourselves... you deserve it.


(self-confessed Hat Maniac)

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