Friday, 1 May 2009

How to be nice (using Norma as an example)

Being nice can be tricky, particularly when you're surrounded by five other cartoon cows who all see life through their own - very individual - eyes.

But somehow Norma manages it; possibly because she is just inherently nice - always optimistic, always willing to see the best in people... and a bit naive.

So she finds herself giving Cyril (see a previous blog) the benefit of the doubt. Even if he does simply do whatever he likes without much thought as to the consequences.

And she tries to sort out Bertha and Captain Bill when they are having one of their endless arguments.

And she picks Annie out of the sea no matter how many times she falls into it.

And as for Horace, she genuinely likes his poetry and maybe she likes him as well but it's up to him to make the first move.

So there she is, being nice... because she's nice... nice person Norma... you'd like her... really!

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