Tuesday, 12 May 2009

How to have a 'discussion'

Captain Bill, Norma, Horace, Bertha, Annie and Cyril stood on the deck of 'Sneegle and Fitch' waiting for the lift.

They were passing the time by having a 'discussion'.

'Well of course I won't let her have pointy scissors.' said Norma, 'or a pointy croquet mallet or a pointy chainsaw.'

'Only asking,' replied Captain Bill 'and you have...'

'...told Horace?' suggested Norma.

'Only asking,' said Captain Bill.

'And have you decided what you and Cyril are going to do?' asked Bertha.

'We're going for a meal,' said Cyril.

'We are not!' said Captain Bill.

'Oh go on,' replied Cyril.

'No,' said Captain Bill.

'Small one,' said Cyril '15 courses... plus wine, wouldn't take long.'

'NO!' said Captain Bill.

'Trip around the food hall?'


'Afternoon tea?'


'Morning tea? You can get some very nice morning teas... I once had one that lasted 3 days... Mid day tea? 17th breakfast? Trifle Sunday? Late Spring Snackette?'

'No, no, no!' said Captain Bill.

'OK,' said Cyril '...just a quick bite to eat then.'

But before Captain Bill could reply the lift arrived and all the Cows herded in.

'Which floor?' asked the attendant.

'Cow Department please,' replied Norma and the man pressed a button.

'I see we're still in the basement then,' muttered Captain Bill but the man chose to ignore him.

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Anonymous said...

hurry up, hurry up!!! i want to see what the girls are going to buy!!!