Friday, 15 May 2009


'Her name's Geraldine,' said Annie.

'Oh, that's a nice name,' replied Norma.

'But where exactly does she come from?' asked Bertha.

'I don't know,' replied Annie, '....and neither does my lawyer.'

'That would be Cyril I suppose,' suggested Bertha and Annie nodded.

Geraldine slid down Annie's face and landed with a splosh into the extra large bananananananana split* which Annie had ordered.

'Weeeeeeeeeeee!' mooed Annie, who then did a quick run around the table.

Annie, Bertha, Horace and Norma were sitting in 'Icecreamwitheverything', which was a very fancy looking, newly opened shop.

'We moved in just after the re-float' the assistant had explained and everyone had kept very quiet.

'Oh well, I suppose now that she is here,' said Norma looking at Geraldine, who had climbed out of the bowl and was nibbling at a piece of banananananananana.

'I thought I should buy her a present,' replied Annie. 'I was thinking of a combined harvester.'

Norma, Bertha and Horace all said that while a present was a very nice idea, perhaps something smaller might be better.

'A tractor?' suggested Annie.

'Well of course you'll need to see what they have in the Penguin Department,' said Norma, 'perhaps Horace could go with you?' and she looked at Horace.

...'OK,' said Horace.

*It was spelt like that on the menu.

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Anonymous said...

by strange coincidence, the painting in the background looks to be one by that steve allallallendoodle chap...