Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The joy of paying a bill

'But you agreed,' said Cyril, 'just one quick drink.'

'But that's not one drink!' replied Captain Bill 'and you knew it wouldn't be.'

'I just chose at random,' said Cyril 'I had no way of knowing it was going to be this big.'

'Rubbish!' replied Captain Bill 'It's obvious that you've been in before.'

'Never!' said Cyril.

'Then how do you explain the pricing of the drinks?' pointed out Captain Bill. 'Small, medium, large and Cyril!'

'Admiral Cyril,' corrected Cyril and he held up the list and pointed at the word Admiral.
'And,' continued Captain Bill,'we're sitting at the 'Admiral' Cyril table in the 'Admiral' Cyril lounge and you've just been served from a cocktail shaker that's engraved 'Personal Property of Admiral Cyril and,' and here Captain Bill raised his voice, 'you're not a proper Admiral!'

'You do seem to take these things to heart,' replied Cyril 'won't do you any good you know.'

And for a while there was silence.

'How much does one of those cost anyway?' asked Captain Bill pointing at the glass.

'...I'm not actually sure,' replied Cyril and he looked at the list.

'Have you ever actually paid?' asked Captain Bill and Cyril thought for a while.

'Right!' said Captain Bill 'well that's one thing we can put right,' and he waved at one of the waiters... then he waved again... then he 'hellooed'... then he got up and walked over to them.

'I think,' he said to the waiter, 'this may be your lucky day!'

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