Thursday, 28 May 2009

Saint Cyril

You've missed him (hopefully)! Now he's back and let's face it, he's difficult to resist!

Iiiittttttttttttt'sssssssssssssssssssssssss CYRILLLLLLLLLL!

Dearly beloved, I am gathered here today and that's not easy when you're my size! Seriously, there are bits of me trying to get overboard even as I speak. But I am here today to accept your forgiveness (and perhaps a cake or two), for it is true: I have sinned!

Now I know that, for some time, my financial arrangements have left a few of you with some degree of concern and I accept that my selling on of the Pickled Heifer has met with some minor criticism (although let's be honest, some around here make a living out of moaning). But anyway, I shall try my best (and you know how good that can be!!) to turn over a new hoof.

So all I'm asking is, give young Cyril another chance. We are who we are, unless it's a question of tax returns and then the mittens are off!

I leave you all with a giant Cyril hug and my blessings.

I'm off to move in a mysterious way (small ship, lots of people, you understand).

Saint Cyril*

*Patron Saint of Trifle, a smile, a wave and 15 feast days a month! Can't be bad, sign up now and get a free signed piccie of me being chased out a restaurant.

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