Monday, 25 May 2009

Ship of Cows

'Look,' said Captain Bill, 'in view of your recent behaviour, would you mind sitting at the other end of the boat?'

'I am,' replied Cyril.

'Oh udders!' said Captain Bill.

Captain Bill, Norma, Bertha, Annie, Horace, Geraldine... and Cyril were all sitting in one very, very small boat, which apart from containing six cows and a penguin also had a considerable number of purchases stored about it.

'Well I think we'll just have to put a brave face on it and make the very best out of the situation that we can,' said Norma with a little smile.

'I don't suppose we have been left with much choice!' replied Bertha, who gave Cyril a very stern look.

'Any sign of anything?' Captain Bill asked her but Bertha replied that there wasn't.

'The trouble is,' said Bertha, 'is that I'm not really that high up.'

And she wasn't.

'I guess,' said Captain Bill, 'that I always knew it would come to this one day. Floating about in an open boat waiting for the end to come... and I haven't even got me knitted compass.' he added with a sigh.

For a while they sailed on in silence; the waves lapping gently against the side of the boat.

'Hang on!' said Horace suddenly, 'I think I've got an idea!' and everyone leaned slightly towards him. 'I could write poems on the hat boxes!' and Bertha hit him.

'What's actually going on?' asked Annie.

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