Monday, 18 May 2009

Sit on Penguin Lawn Mowers

Helllllooooooo, Annie here, and I'm feeling just a tad let down! As regular readers will know, I wanted to get a my new little chum a prezzie. Now Norma (my best friend) had advised against getting a tractor and, after a medium sized think, I decided to follow her advice. So I decided to get... a sit on lawn mower!

So you can imagine my disappointment to find that when we got to the Penguin department, they only make 5 different models.

What sort of range is that?!

Sometimes manufacturers fail to spot a golden opportunity.

Anyway, I've picked out this one as it gives Geraldine good all around visibility and a free fish dispenser.

Now we're just seeing if we can arrange for a test drive.

I hope that you're having a cake filled day,

Hugs and... something else... don't know what really.


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