Saturday, 23 May 2009

Sold it!

'SOLD IT!' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'Well it was your idea,' replied Cyril.

'No it wasn't!' said Captain Bill.

'Well you wanted the bill paid,' replied Cyril.


'Well you should have said,' continued Cyril, 'I was given no guidelines.'

The Cows were herded together on the deck of 'Sneegle and Fitch'. The Pickled Heifer was very, very, not there.

'How did you do it anyway?' asked Captain Bill. 'That ship was in my name. The only way you could have sold it was by forging my'

And Captain Bill's voice trailed off into the air.

'Oh Cyril!' said Norma. 'How could you?'

'Practise,' replied Cyril, 'and of course it helps if you turn the paper upside down.'

'But now what do we do?' asked Horace. 'My writing paper was onboard!'

'Perhaps we could buy it back?' suggested Norma.

'I'm afraid it's too late for that,' said Bertha, 'I've talked to the Purser; they've sold it on.'

'So that's it!' said Norma 'we're stranded here without a ship.'

'No, no, no!' replied Cyril 'I wouldn't leave us without transport, there was some change left... I've just... downsized us a bit.'

And indeed he had!

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Anonymous said...

oooh cyril... tisk, tisk, tisk
*shakes head*