Tuesday, 2 June 2009

60 squillion days at sea

'And still no sign of cake!' said Captain Bill.

'Actually it's only been just over a week,' replied Bertha.

Captain Bill moved just a little bit closer.

'Are you sure?' he asked.

'Yes,' replied Bertha, 'Norma has been keeping a journal.'

'But,' said Captain Bill, 'I didn't think we had any paper?

'We don't,' said Norma, 'but I've borrowed a pencil off of Horace and I'm writing on the side of Cyril.'

And here Norma pointed at Cyril who was covered in very neat lettering.

'Impressive!' said Captain Bill, 'and still enough room for a short novel.'

'We thought it was the least he could do,' said Bertha, 'seeing as this is ALL HIS FAULT!'

But there was no reply from Cyril.

'Anyway,' continued Norma, 'Bertha and I think we ought to have a talk about our supplies.'

'What have we got?' asked Captain Bill.

'Well,' replied Bertha, 'I've got 2 summer hats, something that might do for early autumn, and 2 winter ones.'

'I'm not in quite such a fix,' added Norma, 'as I've got 3 for summer but we can't swop as we're different sizes.'

Captain Bill thought for a while.

'And food?' he finally asked.

'Oh we ran out of that on Sunday,' replied Norma.

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Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

Very cute! You have a great imagination and wonderful talent.

I found you in the etsy etc. forum:)

Have a good day!