Tuesday, 30 June 2009

And in the semi finals?

Captain Bill sat quietly by the river bank, the warm summer sun playing across his face, only his tail providing the gentlest of breezes.

'They've drawn it!' said Bertha as she rushed up to him.

'The semi final line up,' added Norma who was with her.

'And?' asked Captain Bill.

'We've been drawn against the 'Incredibly Fit Young Men's Rowing Club,' said Bertha.
Captain Bill thought for a while.

'We'll have to do some research on them,' he said.

'Agreed,' replied Bertha.

'Of course,' added Norma.

'Best not to send Cyril again,' said Captain Bill, 'I'll go this time.'

'Yes...,' said Bertha.

'....That's what we thought,' added Norma.

'...At first,' continued Bertha, 'but then it occurred to us that, with them being so young, that they might feel intimidated by you.'

And Captain Bill agreed that this might well be possible.

'So we thought, maybe we should go instead,' said Norma, who was already backing away from Captain Bill.

'And you could stay here and have a little rest,' added Bertha who had overtaken Norma.

'We'll call you if we need you,' called out Norma over her shoulder as she picked up speed.

And once again Captain Bill found himself alone...

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