Saturday, 13 June 2009

Happy to blog in my boater

Morning all, Norma here, just my little Saturday blog.

Well things went quite well yesterday. Bertha and I have worked out some gentle exercises that we can do to help us get fit and we've just been for an early morning stampede around the castle. The grass is nice and soft at the moment so we don't make much noise.

Next week we should be able to get a boat to practise in. I am a bit worried about Annie's blade which seems to be rather larger than most! I know Captain Bill moans about her but there's no doubting that she throws herself into everything that we do.

Yesterday she threw herself into the river 15 times!

Well I think that's all from me. I do hope that you all have good weekends. Try to do something nice but also take time to relax and have at least one cake.


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maisy said...

...and a very fetching boater it is too!