Thursday, 25 June 2009

How to be an old boy

It's Thursday! He's here! ...and he's blending in nicely with his new friends...

Iiiiiitttttt'ssssssssssssss CYRILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

(A chink of glasses, a whiff of cigar smoke and a well polished medal or two.)

Morning Chums,

Pip, pip, wizard prang, roger charlie tango 4, canapes above and behind you, I'm turning now, tally ho, tally ho! ...beating them by a canvas, opened it up to 36 a minute, won easily! ...Binky Whithershanks, tiny fella, used to be something huge in the city ...a bridge I think or something like that. Stay close to me red leader... Breakfast! ...Breakfast gone!? ...poor, poor breakfast.

Squadron Leader Sir Cyril Plumpton Comfy VAT and Nibbles


Angelia said...

So Funny. Great illustration style.

Steven Allender said...

Thank you...please tell the world!