Monday, 8 June 2009

How to get along with Royalty

'Honestly,' said Captain Bill, 'there's hardly any damage at all, just a couple of bits of stone, you wouldn't even notice.'

'Well,' replied Queen Phoebe, 'I just wish that for once you could get into the harbour without that sort of thing happening. His Little Crownness won't be at all 'appy about it!'

All of the Cows and Queen Phoebe and Geraldine were standing around on the lawn outside of the castle which was placed very firmly on King Otto's Island. For that was where the Cows had finally landed.

'And how is King Otto?' asked Bertha.

'Oh,' replied Queen Phoebe, her face lighting up, 'he's such a dear sweet thing and I do so love him to bits. But to tell the truth, ' she added, 'just recently he's had the right hump!'

The Cows all said how sorry they were to hear this.

'Well it's the press,' replied Queen Phoebe, 'One does years of charity work and it don't get a mention but one little escaped Pirate Sheep fiasco and they bung 'im on the front page for a week and he's a very sensitive man you know!'

And the Cows all said how sorry they were to hear that and Queen Phoebe thanked them.

'So that's why One hit on this idea,' continued Queen Phoebe, 'One thought it might cheer 'im up and maybe get a bit in the colour supplements.'

And the Cows all asked what the idea was.

'King Otto's Super Grand Royal Type Regatta,' replied Queen Phoebe with a smile, 'hundreds of top class teams all competing for a host of exciting prizes... now do you want to enter or not?'

The Cows said that that was very kind but it might be best if they didn't.

'Oh well, ' said Queen Phoebe, 'suit yourselves. To tell the truth, the 1st prize isn't quite what One 'oped. It's just an old ship I picked up cheap from Sneegle and Fitch; it's not up to much but it don't look bad from a distance.'

And the Cows all looked at each other.

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