Saturday, 6 June 2009

Island spotting for beginners

'Are you sure?' asked Norma.

'Oh yes!' replied Bertha, who was peering into a very nice eyeglass.

'What's that?' called out Captain Bill from the other end of the Mootilus.

'I can see an Island!' replied Bertha.

'Ah yes,' said Captain Bill, who eased his way towards them, 'I thought so.'

'What do you mean by that?' asked Bertha.

'Well,' replied Captain Bill, 'it's not difficult really. I've been steering us Not North; the wind's been blowing from East and West; given the length of the boat and the weight distribution, average speed of around 20 Cyril's per hour, I thought we'd be home about now... it's all in the Captaincy you know!'

Norma and Bertha looked at Captain Bill.

'I imagine you'll see the harbour soon?' he added.

Bertha turned her attention back to the eyepiece.

'Yes,' she said, 'I can see that.'

'Excellent!' said Captain Bill.

'And the beach and the trees,' added Bertha.

'Excellent!' said Captain Bill again.

'And the Castle,' said Bertha.

'CASTLE!?!' exclaimed Captain Bill, 'but we haven't got a castle!'

'I know,' replied Bertha.

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