Wednesday, 24 June 2009

News about the opposition

'Who?' asked Captain Bill.

'The Frightfully Decent Old Boys Rowing Club,' replied Norma.

'Right,' said Captain Bill.

'Norma and I have already done some research on them,' said Bertha.

'And?' asked Captain Bill.

'They're frightfully decent,' replied Norma.

'And they're old boys,' added Bertha.

'Interesting,' said Captain Bill, 'I think I can see a pattern emerging.'

"Norma and I still don't think that's enough though,' continued Bertha, 'we think we should try to find out some more about them.'

'Agreed,' agreed Captain Bill, 'so what you're suggesting is that I disguise myself and slip into the enemy ranks to try to discover any weaknesses.'

'Well actually,' said Norma, 'we still see you in more of a managerial role... so we've asked someone else to check them out for us.'

'Someone with a bit more experience at that sort of thing,' added Bertha.

'It's Cyril isn't it?!' said Captain Bill.

And Norma and Bertha both looked up towards the sky.

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