Friday, 26 June 2009

Reporting on things discovered

'Well I did eat quite a few nibbles,' said Cyril , 'but only so that I blended in.'

'So you were successful?' asked Captain Bill.

'I'd like to think so,' replied Cyril, 'I managed 3 platters before I'd even got a drink. You see, young Cyril doesn't like to let his chums down.'

And here Norma and Captain Bill looked at Cyril in a very direct way.

'So how long were you with them?' asked Norma.

'About 8 hours,' replied Cyril, 'I'm not sure that I might not keep up the membership, they did a very nice line in cocktails.'

'And you got to talk to them?' asked Captain Bill.

'Oh, we never stopped, ' replied Cyril.

'So what were they talking about?' asked Norma.

'You know,' replied Cyril, '...I've not the slightest idea!'

'Not the slightest idea?!?' mooed Captain Bill.

'Mmmm,' said Cyril, 'it seemed to make sense at the time but now I think back on it... it just seems like so much complete rubbish.'

'Hopeless!' replied Captain Bill, 'I knew we couldn't trust him, I knew I should have gone!'

'Well not to worry,' said Norma disappointedly, 'I'm sure he did his best to find out their plans. All we can do now is race against them and just try our hardest to win.' And so saying she turned and herded off down the river bank.

'You know you've let everyone down, don't you?' said Captain Bill to Cyril. '8 hours you were over there, 8 hours and what do you have to show for it? Nothing! A complete waste of time!'

And he hurried after Norma.

'Well not a complete waste actually,' said Cyril to himself as he pulled his boater over his eyes and settled down for a quick doze.

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