Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Some observations on managing a rowing team

Morning all, Captain Bill here. Now as you know, I've been placed into the critical role of team manager in our effort to win back the Pickled Heifer and so I thought I'd just share one or two pearls of wisdom that you may be able to use in your daily lives.

Of course my own background is in a different area but there are many lessons that I can recall from Captain school that can still be applied.

As you will see from my plan the course is pretty straight and it's probably going to be best to follow that as closely as possible. So begin by walking the course and making a careful note of any obsti... obsticicic... things that might divert the crew. I've already arranged for two ice cream vans and a beer tent to be moved back a bit and screened off. Also check to see where 'Not North' is as the crew will have a natural tendency to steer in that direction.

Next take the temperature of the water. If the thermometer shows a warm reading then you can have a paddle while the crew is training.

Finally, you must time your crew. If it takes them more than 4 hours to get into the boat then you may want to prepare a packed lunch or two for them to take with them.

Well that's all from me, happy rowing!

Captain Bill


Quercus Silver said...

Nothing quite like messing about on boats. And that is nothiing like.............

Steven Allender said...

Thank you, I didn't spend 5 years doing evening classes at Captain School for nothing you know!

Captain Bill

UniqueNurseGranny said...

So clever.Hard to tell whether the ice cream or beer would be more distracting.

maisy said...

i am getting very stressed about this regatta... last night i dreamt the race was overrun by pirate sheep!

Steven Allender said...

Pirate Sheep!