Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Still time to enter...

Morning all! Bertha here and I'm sure you'll all notice that I'm wearing a new hat. That's because it's become very sunny here and also because it looks nice.

Now the first thing I must do is say a great big 'thank you' for all the entries into our 'name our boat' competition. Norma and I have been very impressed. If you haven't had a go yet, there is still time. Just send in your suggestion (without cake, ignore Cyril) and we'll add it to the others. A winner will be announced on Friday.

Apart from that, I can't report much of interest. We did have a game of 'I spy' yesterday but after Captain Bill chose 'hat' for the 5th time running, we decided to do something else.

Well that's all from me - have fun but do pay attention if somebody speaks to you... it's only polite!


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