Thursday, 18 June 2009

An unexpected use of a penguin

'But,' said Captain Bill, 'but... she's... well, she's a Penguin!'

'We know,' replied Bertha.

Captain Bill, Bertha and Norma were standing together by the river bank looking at Geraldine... who was helpfully waving a small flag.

'So you're honestly telling me you would rather have her than me?' asked Captain Bill.

'Well you've already got an important job,' replied Norma, 'and we have to have a cox, otherwise we'll just keep steering off course.'

'And she's perfectly suited to it,' added Bertha, 'she's small and doesn't weigh much.'

But how are you going to communicate?' said Captain Bill.

'Well Annie can do that,' replied Bertha, 'she speaks rather good Penguin.'

Captain Bill thought for a while...

'You're quite sure she knows what's going on?' he asked.

'Oh yes,' replied Norma, 'now I've had another talk with her about what a Regatta actually is, she's far less confused.'

'No,' said Captain Bill, 'I was talking about Geraldine, not Annie but on second thoughts...'

'So that's it,' said Bertha, 'we've got a complete team, everything is in place. All we have to do now is practice.'

'Well apart from one thing,' replied Captain Bill.

'What's that?' asked Bertha.

'The most vital thing of all,' replied Captain Bill, 'a really good bit of poetry.'

'Oh Horns!' mooed Norma, 'that reminds me, I promised I'd help Horace.'

'With his poetry?' asked Bertha.

'No,' replied Norma, 'with getting down out of the tree!'


maisy said...

yay geraldine!!
*shakes pompoms*

LillyShayStyle said...

Lol! Very cute :)

I have an award for you on my blog!

Steven Allender said...

Oh! Many thanks...I shall pass it on to the Cows...although they'd probably sell it!

kim* said...

penguin is too cute