Saturday, 18 July 2009

the final (part the 3rd)

'You are supposed to throw the cox in!' said Captain Bill.

'But she enjoys it!' replied Bertha.

'NO FUN!' mooed Norma in slightly too load a voice and then, to emphasize the point, she shook her head so much that she almost keeled over.

'And anyway,' added Bertha, 'you are not to be a grump!'

'NO GRUMPING!' mooed Norma and she shook her head again.

'No!' said Bertha.

'Because,' continued Norma, 'because............what are we talking about? Oh yes! Because we have won back the Mickled Peifer! Me and Bertha and Horace and...Annie and.......Geraldamin...who is a Pengi...mingy, Pengming, Pengimingymoooooooooo!.....knew I'd get it right in the end!' and so saying she fell over, slid down the bank and landed in the river next to Captain Bill.

'It's going to be like this for hours yet isn't it?' said Captain Bill

'Mooooooooooooooooooooo!' said Annie from inside the trophy by way of confirmation.


Anonymous said...

squiffy moos! *clinks glass with annie* and yay for getting the mickled peifer back! well done team :)

Steven Allender said...