Thursday, 30 July 2009

The gentleman farmer.

It's Thursday, He's here and he's inspecting his vast acreage.....

Iiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt'sssssssss CYRILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Morning Chums! And let's start by being honest, you've already made up your own jokes! Still I can take it, preferably accompanied by trifle.

But on to the serious business (no really, even I have to be serious on the odd occasion). It's been some time since I've been able to take a trip around the old farm. So you'll be pleased to hear that all is looking fine. The grass vines are heading towards a bumper crop and the we may well be on for a record number of bottles. Chateau Cyril 2009 could be the best year yet!

Of course this sort of thing doesn't happen on it's own and much hard work still needs to be done. Indeed every day for the next few weeks I shall need to come up here and sample a bit.....or a few bits....a couple of hoofulls at the most.and all in the name of making the best possible grass wine for my chums.

Such dedication!

Right I must away, I've another 15 acres, but that's enough about me!

Until next time!

Yeoman Cyril, Gentleman Farmer and Vintner.

PS Those of you who were wise enough to put a few bottles of Sparkly Sedge '94 in the's time to drink it up!

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