Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Getting on with it by ourselves!

Morning all, Bertha here.

Now it's quite clear to me that the only thing that we can do at this difficult time is to press ahead and get ourselves as fit as possible. It's alright for Captain Bill to wander off muttering something about 'having a word in her majesty's shell like' but we came here to win and that's what I intend for us to do!

Simple discipline and hard work will see us through! Norma and I have upped the work rate. I told Horace to put away the poetry pencil and Annie will just have to try her best to be sensible for a few days... and Geraldine is swimming 8 lengths of the river before 4th breakfast - although she was doing that already! Which just goes to show what a keen little Penguin she is.

I know you're all with us in spirit and if you want to join in with a few exercises then you'd be more than welcome. Right all together now: bend the knees, keep a straight back, get 2 of your best friends to stand on a pole... and lift, 1, 2, down, 1, 2, up, 1, 2...

Thank you,


PS: a range of keep fit DVD's featuring Bertha are now available. Please contact Bertha directly for more information.

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