Friday, 10 July 2009

Glad to be back!

Afternoon all, Captain Bill here; glad to be back with you once again.

Now of course, as you will no doubt have guessed, I was all in favour of rushing off to take a look at the other team. But then I thought, hang on a moment, wouldn't it be better if I delayed things for a day or two and allowed our chaps and chapesses to get in a bit more practise?! Perhaps even a week, two weeks, a month?! Sometimes a Captain has to put the crew first and leave aside his own desire to tackle the opposition head on! So I've spent the last couple of days sorting out a few personal details, you know the sort of thing: choice of coffin, who to leave the rope museum to, letters to be opened after the event etc, etc. Still things move on...

...would anyone else like to go?

I wouldn't mind... they're nice people; you'd have a wonderful time... don't hesitate to get in touch...


Captain Bill

1 comment:

maisy said...

pull yourself together william!! they can't be all that bad!!