Saturday, 11 July 2009

Ladies and how to engage them

Really? Well, well, well... and do they actually rotate in the water? Really?! Well, well, well, it never even occurred to me but now you point it out I can see that it must have its advantages and I suppose if the odd fish gets impaled on the end it's just a bonus!

Sorry? No, well maybe a bit later on, I prefer to take a dip towards the end of the day but thanks for the offer. It's seldom that one meets young ladies who are so willing to help out.

Hmm? Oh, it's nothing really, you keep it, it was only an old hat... must be at least two weeks since I bought it and it looks so good there... up the end of your pole.

And that one, no the one to the left of it... well in between that one and the big one on the right... the one shaped a bit like a giraffe playing a banjo. Really! Well I never thought that scars could be so interesting a subject. One could spend all day talking about them - especially when you've got as many as you have.

No, you'd need to ask one of my ladies about that, Bertha would probably know. I tend to avoid getting blood on things in the first place so washing it out has never been a problem for me.

Well one must be moving along you know... so whenever you feel like taking that great big size 16 off me hoof... in your own time... or maybe I could stay a little longer... if that's what you want?


Anonymous said...

oh. crap. they are that bad!! thankfully not all women are that scary though billy boy... *runs*

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