Friday, 31 July 2009

my view from on high!

Morning all, Bertha here, still on duty! I have to say that it's a bit like being up in the Cows nest. Actually I'm not doing much life saving, but when you've been away for a while it's nice to have some time on your own. Anyway, I can see everything of things going on around the Island...which is fun!

Horace is still down in the dunes or should that be dumps? He's writing away, I think those rejection letters have really inspired him, so we can look forward to reams of fresh poetry! Annie is still zooming around the Island....and over the Island...and over Cyril (I don't think he noticed) but don't worry, I'll keep an eye on her. Cyril himself is easy to spot from up here...actually he's easy to spot from down there as well! He looks a bit like an Ocean liner sailing slowly through a sea of green.

And finally, down by the Pier, why it's Captain Bill and Norma! Now one might almost think from the way he was rushing around that there was something going on!? Is he having a panic? Is Norma trying to calm him down? Should I go and lend a hoof? Probably! But then again it is such a fine day and I've only got a couple of hundred pages to go in my book and there's a flask of iced grass tea to be got through...

Perhaps later....much, much later!

Do enjoy the day...I know I shall!


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