Monday, 6 July 2009

Onwards towards the final!

Captain Bill took the pole and punted gently on down the river. Drenched in the warmth of a July sun, Norma and Bertha sat talking quietly between themselves.

'Ah!' said Captain Bill, 'this is the life!'

'Yes,' replied Bertha, 'but we do need to talk to you about the final of the Regatta.'

'Of course, of course,' said Captain Bill, 'you know I'd almost forgotten about it.'

'Well it's still going to happen,' said Bertha, 'and each must play their part.'

'There's going to be even more need for good research this time,' added Norma.

'I suppose you'll want to be doing that yourselves,' replied Captain Bill, 'or getting Cyril or Horace... or Geraldine to do it for you?'

'Well actually,' said Bertha, 'we thought you might like to, given who we face in the final.'

'Who do we face?' asked Captain Bill, 'in all the excitment I've forgotten to see who it is.'

'Oh!,' said Norma, 'did we not tell you? Well it's a ladies team.'

'Really?' said Captain Bill, 'well that makes it more understandable. You want someone to break the ice, turn on the charm; someone who knows how to behave in that sort of situation.'

'And the good thing is,' replied Bertha, 'you'll not have to worry about introductions because you've met them before.'

'Wonderful!' said Captain Bill.

'You do remember Queen Jasmine's Croquet team?' asked Norma.

'Oh Udders!' said Captain Bill.

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Your drawings are so wonderful... and your writing of course! :0)