Saturday, 25 July 2009

ready for visitors!

Morning all, Captain Bill here. I'm blogging today as I felt it would have maximum impact with all of you who are looking for a great day out!

There's never been a better time to visit a Rope Museum.

Rope is FUN! : )

Rope has been used for hundreds of years by Captains everywhere.

Rope is FUN! : )

So why not come and find out for!

There, how did that sound? I'm thinking of maybe running a few adverts. I mean, I probably won't have to, I expect the level of interest to be pretty strong as it is. Also the merchandising was delivered while we were away. The postcards are great! I expect people will want to collect them as a set. Not quite so happy with the t-shirts though...they're a bit....shapeless! Still this is only the first batch and I only ordered 5000, so I could change after that.

Right the next thing is to check through the mail and make a list of the block bookings.

Oh, the busy life of a museum owner!

Take care, I think Norma usually wishes you all a nice weekend?

Captain Bill

PS Extended summer opening till you drop!


maisy said...

quick! boo and mr boo are off out for a picnic today! they could detour off for a rope museum day on cow island instead, yay!!

Steven Allender said...

How could they not?!

Boo's Jewellery said...

Drat! I wish I'd seen this before we set off, we would have changed our plans for sure. If the weather is up to a boat trip next weekend you can bet on us including the rope museum in our itinerary. And put us down for 2 shapeless t-shirts too. Largely on account of us having shapeless bodies.