Friday, 3 July 2009

Semi final regatta results

'Well I have to take my hat off to them,' said Captain Bill.

'Mwy agwee,' said Cyril.

'Did you see the bow wave they caused?' continued Captain Bill. 'It was huge! I'm completely soaked!'

'Muk me bwy swuprise,' replied Cyril.

'Sorry?' said Captain Bill.

'Took me by surprise,' said Cyril, who finally removed the snorkel he was wearing.

'I mean, ' said Captain Bill, 'I must be honest, when I saw the other lot I didn't think we stood a chance, but our crew fairly motored down the course!'

'Dedication!' replied Cyril.

'They must have been doing 25 knots at one point!' said Captain Bill. 'Did you see Horace trying to hold on?'

'Dedication,' replied Cyril.

'They didn't even stop when they got to the finish, just kept on going... they could be out at sea by now.' said Captain Bill.

'Dedication,' replied Cyril.

'You know I wouldn't be at all surprised if they'd beaten the course record!' continued Captain Bill.

'Dedication,' replied Cyril.

'And when you think that they did all that... and they didn't even have time to fit the oars on!'

'Dedication,' replied Cyril... who then made a hasty exit.

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