Thursday, 23 July 2009

summer's here!

Hello everyone, Norma here! I must say, it does seem a bit strange blogging during the week, but everyone else is busy so I said I'd do it.

Well first of all, we're home! It didn't take long because Captain Bill stayed in his cabin most of the time, so Bertha and I were able to get on with things. So the Pickled Heifer AND the Mootilus are safely tied up in the harbour.

Now after all our recent adventures, we all seem to have decided that a few weeks of relaxing would be a good thing. So as you can see, most of us are down on the beach. The East and West side of the Island is best at this time of year, so that's where we are. Bertha has put herself onto lifeguard duty, which is very kind of her, but I don't think she needs to keep warning Geraldine about the water! Annie has popped off to see what the shrimps have knitted while we were away. Horace has gone to find somewhere a bit sad, so he can write some poems and Captain Bill is at his Rope Museum....well he says that there will have been a flood of mail by now?!

As for me, I'm just going to sit in the Sun for a while.....

It's so nice to be home!

Take care,



Anonymous said...

*drops off a large vat of fresh minted pimms, a few chilled trifles, and tickles geraldine on the tummy*

Steven Allender said...


Waterstone by Lori Plyler said...

OMG. Your blog is to die for! I've just discovered it and anything that can put a smile on my face at 7:40 in the a.m. is a good thing. :)

Steven Allender said...

This may get used in publicity...1 person cannot be wrong!

Chameleonite said...

'Tis 8.40am, and you brought a smile to my face too... OK I'm lazier than Lori!