Thursday, 16 July 2009

They're trying to curtail my activities!

It's Thursday! He's here! And you can barely contain yourselves!


(masses of applause, a child with a tear in it's eye and a swoon of young maidens)

Morning Chums! Have you missed me? Silly question, of course! Now you'll find this difficult to believe (no you will, young Cyril can read you like a book) but the authorities are trying to stop me from helping out! ME!.............ME!


Have I done something wrong?

Have I transgressed?

Really, you make one mistake these days and they're all over you. So I'm restricted to just one little item... but fear not! (no really, knot that fear and throw it in a sack) for young Cyril is quite sure that his fellow shipmates are now fully trained and shall see themselves through to a weekend victory!

I shall be there to cheer them on!

Until then,

Your innocent pal,


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Anonymous said...

is geraldine wearing...armour??!!!