Wednesday, 29 July 2009

what was in the letter?

'Well?' asked Captain Bill. Well? Well? Well?'

'Well, if you'd just give me a moment,' replied Norma.

Norma and Captain Bill were still sitting on the beach below the pier. In an effort to get closer to the all important lettter, Captain Bill had climbed on top of some of the mail sacks and was harassing Norma.

'So what does it say?' he asked.

'I don't know yet,' replied Norma, 'I'm just looking at the stamp....I've not seen one like it before and there's something else.....I do believe it's perfume!'

Captain Bill looked a bit....bemused.

Finally Norma ran the envelope down one of her horns and then pulled out the letter. It was written on very good quality paper.

'Well?' said Captain Bill again.

Norma gave a little 'Ahem' to clear her throat and then started to read out loud.

'It says, "Bonjour Capitaine Bile," I think that's just an error,' noted Norma, 'you don't spell Captain like that!'

Then she continued...

' "We will arriving by special balloon on Saturday the 1st. Please be awaiting us. Until then......Madame..." something or other,' said Norma, 'I can't read the signature,' she added. 'But it's from the something called The Charolais School for Young Calves.'

Captain Bill looked at Norma, Norma looked at Capitaine Bile.

'Crikey!' the both said together.

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maisy said...

*gasps* crikey!