Wednesday, 5 August 2009

1 mushed hat later!

'But now your 'at is all mushed!' said Camille, rather forlornly.

'Oh, it's nothing!' replied Captain Bill.

'And your 'ead is green!' added Camille.

'Just one of those things,' said Captain Bill. 'Earlier in the year I had it stuck to an iceberg!'

Camille glanced back toward Norma and Norma nodded to confirm that what Captain Bill has said was true.

'You must be a very brave Capitaine!' added Camille and this time it was Capitaine Bill who turned to look at Norma, who just shrugged and looked up towards the sky.

'Well,' continued Captain Bill, 'soon be at the museum!'

'Oh! Tres bon!' replied Camille, 'ma students have been so looking forward to it.....they will be there when we arrive?' she asked.

'Well.........possibly,' replied Captain Bill, 'Bertha will get them there I'm sure....she's very good at......doing things!'

'It was very kind of 'er to look after them for a while,' replied Camille, ' and it was kind of you to order 'er to do it!'

'Mmmm,' said Captain Bill, who found himself inspecting the grass rather closely. 'Ah,' he continued, 'here we are at last...the Cow Island Pier!' and he pointed at it with his tail, just in case Camille couldn't see it....which she could!


Funnyface said...

cute :)

Audrey said...

I love your shop!! The penguins are my favorite.