Tuesday, 25 August 2009

captain burk

'But he was so good!' said Camille.

'Really?' asked Norma, who didn't look convinced.

'Really!' replied Camille, 'first he pretended not to know the answer to simple questions and then in the end, he behaved like, how you say, a complete burk, just so that ma little students could come to the rescue! Only a truly great Sea Captain could 'ave been so clever!'

'Yessssssssssssssss,' said Norma, 'he's very good like that. You wouldn't believe the number of times he's done that to us!' and she glanced towards Captain Bill, who was suddenly showing considerable interest in his hooves.

'Well anyway,' continued Norma, 'we....or rather Cyril, thought it might be nice for you to have a little break from all things nautical and so he's arranged for a trip around Cow Island's very own grass vineyard.........I'm coming with you by the way.....try to keep me in sight at all times...might be for the best...and I've asked Bertha to join us...and Horace!' and Norma gave a weak smile.

So Norma and Camille and the Calves herded over towards where Cyril was waiting for them.

'If he sells any of them!' called out Captain Bill, but Norma just herded a bit faster.

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