Saturday, 15 August 2009

A captain's summer hat.

'And so,' concluded Captain Bill, 'to protect against the Sun and thus allow calm thinking is stressful situations, the Captain's Summer Hat is an essential piece of equipment!'

Ms Camille and her students took time to admire the essential piece of equipment.

'Well,' Camille said at last,'yet another gem of information for ma students! I should not be surprised if they are all going on to be brave sea captains!'

'Of course,' added Captain Bill, 'it takes many years of hard study at Captain School, but I'm sure that you're all up to it!'

'But with the knitted compasses from the museum gift shop I already feel they are 'alf way there!' replied Camille and everybody laughed.

'So now,' said Norma, 'if you would like to make your way down the stairs and onto the Mootilus, Captain Bill will be taking you out for a short trip upon the high seas!'

So Camille and the calves made their way onto the boat and Captain Bill began to follow.

'You're sure you don't want to come?' he asked Norma, 'There's room.....I don't mind shoving up a bit!'

But Norma said she didn't.

'Right then,' replied Captain Bill.........'you're sure you're sure?'

And Norma said she was.

So off they went.


Bigbluebed said...

Hooray for knitted compasses.


kooky captain bill...

Chrisy said...

So....quirky!...the knitted compasses just might catch on....

Chameleonite said...

I have a thing for compasses... not got a knitted one tho!