Saturday, 8 August 2009


'Nonsense!' said Bertha, 'it was just a quick jog!'

'But look at them!' replied Camille, 'ma little students, they are all how you say, cream crackered!'

'Just got a bit of air in their lungs that's all!' mooed Bertha, 'Do them the world of good!'

'Well I am not so sure!' replied Camille, 'look at poor Etienne, his 'ooves are completely worn away!' and she pointed at a calf who was laying on his back.

'Oh, I don't think it's that bad,' suggested Captain Bill, who had moved a little closer to Etienne to get a closer look, 'the one at the back on the left is still there!'

'But this is ma first job!' replied Camille, 'they 'ave never been away before! What am I to tell their parents? Well they 'ad a great time, sorry they don't 'ave no 'ooves left!' and with that she shook a little and then burst into tears.

Captain Bill looked at Bertha, Bertha looked at Captain Bill.

Captain Bill mouthed the word 'foreign' to Bertha and Bertha shrugged and looked towards the sky.

'Alright!,' said Bertha at last, 'I'll go and put the kettle on!'

And Captain Bill knew that everything was going to be OK.


Anonymous said...

*applies emergency growth hormone poultice to little etienne's hooves and hands camille moosize hanky*

Chameleonite said...

Would they like some Pain au chocolat with that cuppa?
BTW - just thought I'd mention you've been tagged. See here for details:

Parsy said...

you've been tagged! see here for more details!