Monday, 24 August 2009


'Lost!' wailed Captain Bill, 'Lost! Doomed! Condemmed to wander until the ends of the.......Sea...Ocean...thing!'

The Calves and Camille looked at Captain Bill.

'So you 're trying to tell us that we 're lost?' asked Camille.

'I've been trying to keep it from you,' replied Captain Bill dejectedly, 'but what's the use! You'll have to know at some time! '

'But we 'ave been steering Not North,' said Camille.

'Well it must have moved!' replied Captain Bill, 'it does spend years working out where it is and then it drifts a bit! I said years ago we should have tied Annie to it! You can't lose her no matter how hard you try!'

And for a while nobody said anything until Camille felt someone tapping on her side.

'Well,' she began, 'I don't know if it will 'elp but ma little student Etienne 'ere, he says maybe now is the time to give a tug on the rope so Norma and pull us back in.'

'Possibly!?' replied Captain Bill.

And so that's what the Calves and Camille did.

'I am thinking,' said Camille as they heaed back to the shore, 'perhaps it was a good idea that we didn't go outside the 'arbour after all!'

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