Tuesday, 4 August 2009

getting your calves in shape!

Morning all, Bertha back with you again! Now I tried to stay out of things, but it was quite clear that somebody needed to take charge of the situation.....so I have!

Ms Camille seems like a very nice person, but I'm not sure that she's really the sort to be looking after so many young calves, so far from their home! I've left her with Norma and they're going to do something with the 'ead of the brave Captain Bile....not sure what they're going to do...but I doubt if it will do any harm! After that they're going to make their way around to the Rope Museum. So I've taken the calves off on a little jog (they're a bit flabby!) and we'll meet up with the others later on.

If you feel like joining in, please do so. We're heading down to the beach and then we'll go along from there towards the pier....hot grass rolls for all when we've finished!

Take care,


PS A range of Bertha fitness DVD's are still available, please ask at your local meadow.